Appraisal services are non-refundable.

If an inspection has to be canceled or postponed please contact Jeder National immediately to receive a verifiable approval of cancelation.

Lender-initiated cancelations are only solidified via confirmation from the lender/client and must be approved by Jeder National.

The following are exceptions that may be honored on a case by case basis:

Any cancelations prior to any inspections, whether canceled by the borrower/applicant/homeowner/cardholder or the lender/client, are subject to a processing fee of $75.00.

Once a property has been inspected and prior to the commencement of the appraisal report, there will be a 60% charge of the total fee.

Each non-appearance of the borrower/applicant/homeowner/cardholder/contact for access will be charged 40% of the total fee.

Any other attempts to cancel the appraisal or receive a refund of monies paid such as, but not limited to: not agreeing with the appraised value, the loan not funding, disagreement with any part of the loan process, etc. will not be honored as appraisal services are non-refundable.